The Business

I start this best nose hair trimmer business since last year. The product I got from wholesaler in China that I found online. I contact their marketing staff named Cassiel. She is great, fast respond and also give me detail about the products, recommendation about models and type I should buy. With her advice I can sell tons of it in first month. At the first I am not believe what she said, I think that just a marketer speak like BS because she want to sell as much as possible in one invoice. Then I try to get them all with lower quantity. She suggest me to get 20,000 piece and I just buy 1,000 piece from her.

I do not know about import and freight forwarder, she give me advice about anything until my stuff come in to my door. It is really great because if I use a standard shipping terms the nose hair trimmer price will be high. I need to pay lots of taxes and also need license to make it happen as personal stuff. But with consolidation shipping by freight forwarder the nasal clippers price is really low and I can sell it fast with profit more than 500%. Even there are lots of competitor, I am still the most affordable supplier that every retailer can get.